If you’ve ever shattered a cell phone screen or gotten a hand cramp from too much screentime, you’ve likely longed for a different way to hold your phone. Twistafit, a flexible grip that fits to the back of your smartphone, allows you to hold and operate your phone with just one hand. You can also use it to attach your phone to pockets and clothing, so you can carry it with you even during high-impact activities.

Chris Castro, who designed the product and launched Twistafit in 2015, manufactures and sells the phone accessories out of Phoenix, Ariz.

My successes. 

Castro successfully launched his business, designed his website, and created a series of promotional videos showing how the product can be used.

How SCORE helped. 

Castro worked with mentors Simon Mahler and Michael Riley. He credits Riley with helping him get started and craft his messaging, and Mahler with “the continued grounding, movement, and development” of his business.